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COVID-19 and Healthcare Providers’ Mental Health

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Mobile Health Apps for Military Members & Public Safety Personnel: Can an App Help Build Resilience?

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PSPNet Families: Supports and Research for Families of Public Safety Personnel

What we do, who we reach, what's trending, and where we're going.
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Addressing the mental health impacts of COVID-19 on Canada’s frontline workers

The Federal Framework on PTSD Act was passed in 2018, and its relevance has only increased in significance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Experiences of Children Growing Up With a Parent who has Military-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

When a child in a military family has a parent with PTSD, that child has increased risks of negative behavioral, psychological, biological, and social effects. These effects can have long-term repercussions into adulthood. The researchers found 12 studies to include in this review.
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Examining Mental Health Knowledge, Stigma, and Service Use Intentions Among Public Safety Personnel

The current study was designed to assess the relationship between mental health knowledge, stigma, and mental health service use intentions among a sample of PSP and compare trends to prevalence of mental disorders across PSP categories.
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BOS Participant Information

The University of Regina is conducting an independent research study to evaluate the BOS program. Here's who is participating.
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BOS Resiliency Training

BOS provides immediate support through a resiliency based training program that empowers first responders and other public safety personnel (PSP), frontline workers, and healthcare workers to take care of their mental health.
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Supporting the Mental Health of Long-Term Care Staff

The Canadian Association for Long Term Care and Mental Health Commission have partnered to deliver The Working Mind Program for long-term care staff.
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Treatment 101 for Public Safety Personnel

This 5-module online course is designed to guide participants through the process of deciding upon and obtaining services from professional mental healthcare practitioners.
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Coping Strategies – For PSPs and HCWs

As a Healthcare Worker or Public Safety Personnel you may experience posttraumatic stress injuries caused by organizational and operational stressors. You are not the problem.
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Mental Health, Let’s Talk About It!

The Mental Health Continuum can help gauge your current wellbeing and when you are moving away from the Healthy end.
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