Offering Mental Health Promotion Resources and Supports

PSPNET Families is developing online mental health promotion resources to support the families of public safety personnel (PSP). Families are also impacted by the occupational risks associated with working in public safety. PSPNET Families is complementary to PSPNET, a federally-funded online service that offers internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy to PSP.

Project Resources

Spouse or Significant Other (SSO) Wellbeing Course

We are currently offering and evaluating a Spouse or Significant Other (SSO) Wellbeing Course.

Project team

Dr. Heidi Cramm⠀-⠀
Principal Investigator
Dr. Nathalie Reid⠀-⠀
Principal Investigator
Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos⠀-⠀
Principal Investigator
Shimona Sekhar⠀-⠀
Senior Project Director