Advancing E-mental Health Solutions To Support Canadian Healthcare Workers

The Beyond Silence project will advance and test an innovative new e-mental health app for healthcare workers designed to reduce barriers to accessing mental health information and support, and provide real-time access to confidential, quality peer support.

Project Resources

Peer Support for Healthcare Workers

We are looking for volunteers to be a part of a new bilingual national mental health and peer support app. Volunteers can participate in free 3-day peer support training (Oct. 26-28 in English; Oct. 25-27 in French) and be a part of a national peer support team providing support to healthcare workers during the 3-month project from Nov. 1, 2022-Jan. 31, 2023.

Project team

Dr. Sandra Moll⠀-⠀
Principal Investigator
Maria Bargeman⠀-⠀
Research Coordinator
Lisa Wolfe⠀-⠀
Research Coordinator
Melissa Parker⠀-⠀
Research Assistant